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Res. No. 35


Resolution calling upon the New York City Department of Education to revise residency requirements to strengthen proof of residency standards.


By Council Member Cohen 

                     Whereas, The mission statement of the New York City Department of Education (DOE) declares that “every student in New York City deserves an opportunity to have the foundation of skills, knowledge, and approaches to learning needed to be ready for school and, ultimately, college and careers;” and

                     Whereas, Numerous research studies, including one published by the National Education Policy Center in 2014, have indicated that smaller class sizes facilitate educational success; and

                     Whereas, Over the course of the last several years, several reports have found that overcrowding has become an issue in New York City schools for several years; and

                     Whereas, The “Where’s My Seat” report from November 2015, published by Make the Road New York, suggested that more than 49,000 seats need to be created citywide; and

                     Whereas, Additionally, a 2016 report issued by the Education Law Center showed that New York City class sizes in all grades exceeded limits established in a 2007 state law; and

                     Whereas, Currently, the New York City DOE requires that students’ families provide proof of residency and complete a questionnaire prior to enrolling in school; and

                     Whereas, The DOE can strengthen residency requirements by confirming a student’s address during the initial application process and at the beginning of each school year; and

                     Whereas, Introducing an additional step to prove residency will ensure that every student is a resident of that district; and

                     Whereas, The DOE should also amend section I-A-17 of the chancellor’s regulations A-101, which allows students “who change residence within New York City” to “remain in their current school until completion of the terminal grade” - so that they may remain in school only until the completion of the current school year; and

                     Whereas, Strengthening residency requirements would ease the issue of overcrowding and ensure that districts have higher proportions of appropriately enrolled students; now, therefore, be it

                     Resolved, That the Council of the City of New York calls upon the New York City Department of Education to revise residency requirements to strengthen proof of residency standards