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Res. No. 77


Resolution to amend rule 7.60 of the rules of the council in relation to allowing the submission of written and video testimony to public hearings through the council’s website


By Council Member Levin

Section 1. Subdivision a of rule 7.60 of the rules of the council of the city of New York is amended to read as follows:

a. A committee chairperson may call public hearings on any matter referred to such committee, and at such public hearing shall maintain decorum. The chairperson shall have general control over the Chamber, lobbies, rooms and corridors in that part of the building assigned to the committee. The chairperson may allow public testimony on any item being considered by the committee at that hearing. Once a hearing has been called on a proposed local law or resolution, the chairperson may permit the public to submit written or video testimony through the Council’s website, which the chairperson may have distributed or played at, and which the chairperson may include as part of the public record for, such hearing.

LS #4387/Res. 0669-2015
LS #780 12/21/2017 11:10AM