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Every year, the Mayor must produce a Citywide Statement of Needs relating to the opening, expansion, reduction, or closing of city facilities. Not every capital investment the City makes in neighborhoods and infrastructure, however, counts as a city facility. This bill would require the Mayor to add an appendix to the Statement of Needs consisting of a list and explanation of proposed capital projects anticipated for the next two fiscal years, which could include things such as property acquisitions and investments in streets, bridges and tunnels. The appendix would not include projects already listed in the Statement of Needs or capital projects relating to fencing vacant lots, filling sunken lots, or acquiring furnishings, machinery, apparatus or equipment.

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Int. No. 280


By Council Members Reynoso and Rose (by request of the Queens Borough President)


A Local Law to amend the New York city charter, in relation to including additional capital projects in the citywide statement of needs


Be it enacted by the Council as follows:


Section 1. Section 204 of the New York city charter, as added by vote of the electors on November 7, 1989, is amended by adding a new subdivision i to read as follows:

i. The citywide statement of needs shall include an appendix that lists capital projects, as that term is defined in subdivision 1 of section 210.

1. Except as provided in paragraph 2 of this subdivision, the appendix shall include any capital project for which the mayor or an agency intends to make or to propose an expenditure or intends to select or propose a site during the ensuing two fiscal years. For each listed capital project, the appendix shall describe:

(a) The nature of the project;

(b) Except as otherwise provided by law, the proposed location by borough, if possible by community district or group of community districts, and, if any city agency or its agent has begun any negotiation, feasibility examination or other study or significant consideration of a particular property or location for the project, by specific description of such location; and

(c) Such other information as the departments of city planning and citywide administrative services deem appropriate.

2. The appendix need not include:

(a) Any capital project already listed in the citywide statement of needs; or

(b) Any project described in paragraph c or subparagraph 4 of paragraph d of subdivision 1 of section 210.

§ 2. This local law takes effect one year after it becomes law.


LS 5130 - Int. 1494-2017

LS 201