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This bill would create an exemption for motorcycles, and other registered motor vehicles that do not have a dashboard that is capable of being fully enclosed, from the requirement to purchase and display a muni-meter receipt when such vehicles are parked at a location that otherwise would require a muni-meter receipt.

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Int. No. 344


By Council Member Rose


A Local Law to amend the administrative code of the city of New York, in relation to exempting certain vehicles from purchasing muni-meter time.


Be it enacted by the Council as follows:


Section 1. Subchapter 2 of chapter 1 of title 19 of the administrative code of the city of New York is amended by adding a new section 19-167.4 to read as follows:

§19-167.4 Exemption from purchasing muni-meter time. a. For the purposes of this section, the term "muni-meter" shall mean an electronic parking meter that dispenses timed receipts that must be displayed in a conspicuous place on a vehicle's dashboard.

b. Any motorcycle or other motor vehicle registered by the department of motor vehicles with a dashboard that is not capable of being fully enclosed shall not be required to purchase time from a muni-meter or display a muni-meter receipt on such vehicle when such vehicle is parked at a location where such purchase and display is otherwise required by posted signs.


§2. This local law shall take effect immediately.










LS #83/Int. 25-2014