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Res. No. 141


Resolution to amend the Rules of the Council in relation to the availability of local laws for review by Council Members


By Council Member Yeger


6.70. Local Laws Available to Council Members - Council Members shall receive an e-mailed copy, to their official Council e-mail address and any others they designate, of a local law in its final form at least seven days, exclusive of Sundays, prior to its final passage, except that local laws for which the Mayor certifies as to the necessity of its immediate passage need not be e-mailed to Council Members prior to passage. Any Council Member may request that local laws be physically laid upon his or her desk within the same time period, but Council Members will not otherwise receive physical copies of local laws on their desks prior to the day on which such local law is on the stated meeting agenda. This rule shall not operate to invalidate the passage of any local law for which the procedures of section 36 of the New York City Charter are followed.


LS 680/Res. 107/2014

LS 149/2018