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This local law would prohibit the placement, installation, or maintenance of newsracks within three feet ahead or 25 feet to the rear of any designated taxi stand.

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Int. No. 505


By Council Members Koslowitz and Yeger


A Local Law to amend the administrative code of the city of New York, in relation to the placement of newsracks near taxi stands


Be it enacted by the Council as follows:


Section 1.  Paragraph 6 of subdivision b of section 19-128.1 of chapter 1 of title 19 of the administrative code of the city of New York is amended to read as follows:

          6.   A newsrack shall not be placed, installed or maintained: (a) within fifteen feet of any fire hydrant; (b) in any driveway  or  within  close proximity  of  any  driveway; (c) in any curb cut designed to facilitate street access by disabled persons or within two feet of  any  such  curb cut;  (d)  within close proximity of the entrance or exit of any railway station or subway station;  (e)  within  any  bus  stop;  (f)  within  a crosswalk  area;  (g)  within  a  corner area or within five feet of any corner area; (h) on any surface where such installation  or  maintenance will  cause damage to or will interfere with the use of any pipes, vault areas, telephone or electrical cables or other similar locations; (i) on any cellar door, grating, utility maintenance  cover  or  other  similar locations;  (j)  on,  in  or  over any part of the roadway of any public street; (k) unless  eight  feet  of  sidewalk  width  is  preserved  for unobstructed  pedestrian  passage;  (l)  in  any park or on any sidewalk immediately contiguous to a park where such sidewalk is an integral part of  the  park  design, such as the sidewalks surrounding Central Park or Prospect Park; (m) on any area of lawn, flowers, shrubs, trees or  other landscaping  or  in  such  a manner that use of the newsrack would cause damage to such landscaping; (n) within three feet ahead or 25 feet to the rear of any designated taxi stand; or [(n)] (o) where such placement, installation or maintenance endangers the safety of persons or property. Any limitation on the placement or installation of newsracks pursuant to this paragraph shall be no more  restrictive  than  necessary to ensure the safe and unobstructed flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and otherwise  to assure the safety of persons and property.

                     § 2.  This local law takes effect 90 days after it becomes law, except that the commissioner of the department of transportation may take such measures as are necessary for the implementation of this local law, including the promulgation of rules, prior to such date.




LS 1069

LS 3764, 3766/Int. 687-2015