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DOITT in consultation with the FDNY and the NYPD, to create a plan for increasing the ways in which street alarm boxes are utilized, investigating both emergency and non-emergency uses.

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Int. No. 569


By Council Member Treyger


A Local Law in relation to a street alarm box modernization technology plan


Be it enacted by the Council as follows:

                     Section 1. Street alarm box modernization technology plan. a. No later than January 1, 2019, the department of information technology and telecommunications, in consultation with the fire department and the police department, shall submit to the mayor and the council a plan to increase the utilization of street alarm boxes.

b. Such plan shall consider the following:

1. the physical and technological limitations of existing call boxes to fit additional equipment and the feasibility of upgrades or enhancements to mitigate such limitations;

2. expanding or improving existing networks of detection equipment, including but not limited to gunshot detection networks, by the inclusion of nodes on street alarm boxes;

3. identifying the feasibility and capability of chemical, biological or radiological detection equipment mounted on street alarm boxes;

4. identifying possible non-emergency uses for street alarm boxes, including but not limited to expanding the coverage of municipal wireless internet networks; and

5. the anticipated cost of the functions identified in the plan.

                     § 2. This local law takes effect immediately.



LS 1979

1/9/18  2:08PM