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Res. No. 220


Resolution calling upon the New York City Board of Elections to allow poll workers to work half-day shifts.


By Council Member Levine

Whereas, Poll workers are currently required to report to the polling place at 5AM and remain until the polls close at 9PM, the poll site votes are tallied, all equipment is put away, and the police officer assigned onsite retains possession of the tally; and

Whereas, This translates into at least a sixteen hour work day for poll workers on Election Day; and

Whereas, There are many seniors who have worked Election Day for many years and are therefore very experienced and knowledgeable about voting procedures, but stop doing poll work because they are no longer able to withstand the long hours; and

Whereas, In general, the length of the workday reduces the New York City Board of Elections’ ability to recruit the necessary number of knowledgeable poll workers, thereby creating more problems and difficulties for voters; and

Whereas, Additionally, successful recruitment will increase if populations that work or go to school part time are included in the pool of potential Election Day poll workers; and

Whereas, Productivity and efficiency would increase with shorter shifts; and

Whereas, Election Day procedures are complex and poll worker performance would improve if poll workers were trained and responsible for either opening or closing the poll site rather than doing both; and

Whereas, Furthermore, the quality of poll worker performance will improve if poll workers are not fatigued, especially after the poll site closes when the complexity of the work increases; now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the Council of the City of New York calls upon the New York City Board of Elections to allow poll workers to work half-day shifts.


LS#2361/Res. 384-2014