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This bill would require the online posting of notifications about current and planned water service outages on the city’s website as well as the website of the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). Currently, real-time information about water outages is generally not provided online. Complaints to 311 are logged but no other information is provided in the normal course of business about planned or emergency outages and estimated times for service restoration. The proposed law would address this problem but would not replace DEP’s current practice of posting flyers in affected areas.

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Int. No. 704


By Council Member Van Bramer


A Local Law to amend the New York city charter and the administrative code of the city of New York, in relation to requiring the posting of current and planned water supply outages to the city’s website and to the website of the department of environmental protection


Be it enacted by the Council as follows:


Section 1. Subchapter 4 of chapter 3 of title 24 of the administrative code of the city of New York is amended by adding a new section 24-367 to read as follows:

§ 24-367 Online notification of water outages. a. The department shall provide public notice on its website, both written and through the interactive map created by the department of information technology and telecommunications pursuant to charter section 1072, of the following information by city block: current water outages and planned or scheduled water outages. All notices shall display, to the extent possible, a start and estimated end time for the water outage.

b. Updates. The information provided under subdivision a shall be updated as often as practicable but not less than daily.

c. Exclusions. These notice requirements do not apply when water outages are not caused by, or at the request of, the department.

§ 2.  Subdivision q of section 1072 of the New York city charter, as amended by local law number 39 for the year 2013, is amended to read as follows:

q. to provide to the public at no charge on the city's website an interactive map, updated as often as practicable and necessary but not less than once per week, displaying the following:

1. Permitted and approved street closures that do not allow for the passage of vehicular traffic on that street, including but not limited to closures for special events, crane operations and other construction work, film shoots and paving operations; [and]

2. Parking regulations. The information related to paragraph (1) of this subdivision shall be searchable and sortable by time, date and borough, except that street closures for crane operations, construction work and paving operations shall have the notation “subject to closure” during times where closure has been permitted and approved but where such closure may or may not occur on a particular day. All information required by this subdivision shall be available on the city's website as soon as practicable but in no case less than one week prior to any such closure or change, except closures which were applied for or planned less than one week prior to any such closure or change, which shall be available on such interactive map within seventy-two hours of the permit and approval of such closure. Where a permitted and approved street closure is due to a special event, the sponsor of the event with appropriate contact information shall be provided as part of such interactive map. For the purposes of this subdivision, special event shall mean any street fair, block party or festival on a public street(s) where such activity may interfere with or obstruct the normal use by vehicular traffic of such street(s); and

3. Water outages. (a) The department shall collect sufficient data from the department of environmental protection to map by city block, region or other appropriate unit the following information:

(1)  Current water outages;

(2) Planned or scheduled water outages;

(b) All mapped information shall display, to the extent possible, text indicating a start and estimated end time for the water outage and shall be updated as often as practicable but not less than daily.

§ 3. This local law takes effect 180 days after it becomes law.



LS 6924/Int. 1156-16

LS 527