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This bill would require the Law Department to submit quarterly reports on all civil actions resolved with the reporting period that included a payment from the City to a plaintiff.

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Int. No. 789

By Council Member Vallone


A Local Law to amend the administrative code of the city of New York, in relation to requiring the corporation counsel to submit reports on the settlement of civil actions


Be it enacted by the Council as follows:

                     Section 1. Chapter 1 of title 7 of the administrative code of the city of New York is amended to add a new section 7-115, to read as follows:

                     § 7-115 Reports on civil actions generally. a. The law department shall post on its website, and submit to the speaker of the city council, a report of all civil actions resolved, since the prior report, in which the law department represented a defendant and such resolution included a payment to the plaintiff by the city. Such report shall provide the total number of such resolutions executed during the reporting period as well as the total dollar amount of all such payments during the reporting period. Such report shall also list, for each such civil action:

                     1. the defendant in the action, provided that if the defendant was an individual then the report shall list the agency for which such individual was employed;

                     2. the dollar amount of such payment to such plaintiff; and

                     3. the date that such action was resolved.

b. The first report required by subdivision a of this section shall be submitted to the city council on January 31st in the year following the enactment of this law and shall include all actions resolved as described in subdivision a on a date between the enactment of this local law and the date of the report’s submission. Each subsequent report shall be submitted by April 30, July 31, and October 31 of that year and every subsequent year.

§ 2. This local law takes effect immediately.



LS 1802

2/23/18  12:06PM