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The bill would create an inter-agency task force led by the Office of Emergency Management. The task force will bring together the heads of various city agencies and mayoral offices to coordinate City services for individuals relocating to New York City on account of being displaced by natural disaster events elsewhere. It will be required to prepare a report of its activities, findings and recommendations to the mayor and speaker of the council and is to be dissolved upon submission of the report.

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Int. No. 849


By Council Members Levine, Treyger and Rosenthal


A Local Law in relation to creating an inter-agency natural disaster displacement assistance task force


Be it enacted by the Council as follows:


Section 1. Natural disaster displacement assistance task force. a. There is hereby established an inter-agency natural disaster displacement assistance task force that shall review and recommend changes to the laws, rules, regulations, and policies related to providing emergency, short-term support to individuals that have relocated to the city of New York after being displaced from their homes by coastal storms, severe weather, or natural disaster events.

b. The natural disaster displacement assistance task force shall, at minimum, perform the following actions and propose changes to the laws, rules, regulations, and policies where appropriate:

1. identify the immediate resettlement needs of individuals relocating to the city on account of natural disaster displacement, including but not limited to, shelter, healthcare, food, clothing, and basic toiletries;

2. identify the legal and social services needs of such individuals, including but not limited to, disaster relief claim assistance, case management, mental health support, long-term healthcare access, housing assistance, workforce development, and youth and adult education programs;

3. identify and evaluate how the city identifies displaced individuals, assesses their legal and social services needs and screens for local, state, or federal benefit eligibility;

4. identify and evaluate public and private programs available to assist individuals filing disaster relief claims or applying for local, state, or federal benefits;

5. identify and evaluate how the city conducts outreach regarding city services available to displaced individuals, including an assessment of how the city reaches individuals with limited-English language proficiency;

6. identify, evaluate, and encourage coordination among appropriate city, state, and federal agenecies and other relevant organizations with regard to supporting individuals displaced by natural disaster;

7. identify and evaluate the city’s capacity to quickly scale services in response to surges in displaced individuals in need of immediate assistance upon relocating to the city;

8. identify and evaluate the state and federal financing sources available to the city to meet the services needs of individuals displaced by natural disaster events; and  

9. propose changes to laws, rules, regulations, and policies, as appropriate.

c. Such task force shall be led by the commissioner of the office of emergency management, or by the head of such other office or agency as the mayor may designate, and shall include at a minimum: 

1. the commissioners of the following agencies or offices or such commissioners’ designees:

(a) the administration for children’s services;

                     (b) department of social services;

                     (c) department of homeless services;

(d) department of health and mental hygiene;

                     (e) department for the aging; and

                     (f) mayor’s office for people with disabilities;

2. the chancellor of the city school district, or their designee;

3. the coordinator of the office of civil justice, or their designee; and

4. representatives of other such agencies or offices as the mayor may designate.

d. Such task force shall meet regularly in furtherance of its functions and at any other time at the request of the commissioner or other designated task force leader.

e. No later than September 1, 2018, the task force shall submit to the mayor and the speaker of the council a report concerning the task force’s activities, its findings and recommendations pursuant to subdivision b of this section.

f. Such task force shall dissolve upon submission of the report required pursuant to subdivision e of this section.

§ 2. This local law takes effect immediately.




LS 4798, 4890