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This bill would require a school security task force including representatives from NYPD, DOE and MOCJ, in consultation with the Fire Department and Office of Emergency Management, to review school evacuation routes, building safety plans, and other emergency response protocols.

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Int. No. 876


By Council Members Constantinides, Van Bramer, Treyger, Vallone, Holden, Ampry-Samuel, Koslowitz, Moya, Cornegy, Kallos, Koo, Chin, Adams, Powers, Rose, Rivera, Borelli and Ulrich


A Local Law to amend the administrative code of the city of New York, in relation to requiring a school security task force to review evacuation plans and emergency response protocols at schools


Be it enacted by the Council as follows:

Section 1.  Subdivision g of section 14-176 of the administrative code of the city of New York, as added by a local law for the year 2018 amending the administrative code of the city of New York relating to creating a school security task force, as proposed in introduction number ___, is amended by adding a paragraph 3 to read as follows:

3. building safety plans and other emergency response protocols, including evacuation routes, in consultation with the fire department and the office of emergency management;

§2. This local law shall take effect 120 days after it becomes law.



LS 1847, 4938, 5109